Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Dear Friends and Family,
We send our warmest Christmas greetings, sharing with you the abundant numbers of grace from our lives this past year . . .

6 The number 6 is the date, June 6, 2010: the day of the marriage of our Kyle and Nicki Bastine, also class of 2010 U.S. Naval Academy. The wedding was in the Cottage Grove Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington. It was truly a perfect occasion and celebration. Mark continues to rejoice that the ceremony he led was flawless in every detail and abundantly blessed by the presence of Christ.

3 This number remains a remarkable source of pride in our hearts. We sat in the front row of the upper deck of Navy Marine Corps stadium at the United States Naval Academy waiting for the Commencement ceremonies. We could easily view the chairs lined up neatly waiting for the graduating class to march in. We knew instinctively where Kyle would be sitting. First row, third chair. Kyle graduated, with distinction, third in the class from the Naval Academy. It was a joyous, memorable day and the culmination of Kyle and Nicki’s successful careers at the Naval Academy.

21 This is a number which was hard to follow at times. This is Michael’s jersey number for his Hershey High School varsity basketball team. We sat in the stands for most every game and kept a careful eye on number 21, watching him sprint up and down the floor, and watching carefully as he got tangled in a web of players under the basket. We will forever cherish the memory of Michael’s days on the basketball court. We will forever cheer for our number 21! In the Fall of 2010 Michael started his career with the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!

6 Given all the momentous events in our lives in 2010, it is also good to remember the ordinary number 6. This is Eric’s grade as he begins middle school and settles into life as an only child at home. His sixth grade year also included the start of his football career in which, although only a first year player, he thrived.

50 This is a big number which both amazes us and constantly reminds us of how abundantly blessed we have been in our lives. Kris and Mark both turned 50 years old in 2010!

25 This is also a big number which marks a longevity that truly amazes us. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on October 12, 2010. Within our busy year which included two graduations and a wedding, we were able to escape for a long weekend vacation in Quechee, Vermont.

+1 Most of all we are grateful for Nicki, the new addition to our family. The numbers of grace in our lives are abundance upon abundance, blessing upon blessing.
From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Mark, Kris, Kyle and Nicki, Michael and Eric Englund-Krieger