Saturday, June 14, 2014

General Assembly (2014) #6

In my opinion, the most important action item coming before this year's General Assembly is 14 - 03 from the Congregational Vitality committee. This is a recommendation from the Mission Agency:

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board recommends that the 221st General Assembly (2014):

1.    Acknowledge the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s historic commitment to joining Christ’s mission in local and global communities.

2.    Encourage congregations, mid councils, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency to join intentionally in God’s mission to transform our world and address root causes of societal injustices by following Christ’s example of service through faith, hope, love, and witness.

3.    Launch a churchwide initiative that will inspire, equip, and connect Presbyterians to continue to go beyond the walls of their congregations and increase their engagement in service to their communities and the world.

4.    Direct the Presbyterian Mission Agency to develop tangible metrics to determine success and impact and report back to the 222nd General Assembly (2016), sharing progress made and identifying strategies for deeper engagement in 2016–18.

This is what I would like to be about in our Presbytery. I am particularly interested in the the concept of "tangible metrics". How do we measure the vitality and effectiveness of our congregations and our presbytery. Why are we too often content with mediocrity and a complete lack of growth? Are these not the concerns and issues we should be discussing?