Monday, October 10, 2016

Questions for your Mission Committee:

Doing Mission and Giving to Mission:
Challenging Questions

These questions may help guide the discernment of a mission committees as they discern how to define and allocate money from the congregation directed to mission work outside the congregation:

·        How much money which the congregation receives should be turned around and given out beyond the congregation? How is this amount determined? Does the session define and communicate a goal for mission giving beyond the congregation? Or is this amount determined by default, after all other financial obligations are met?

·        What projects beyond the local congregation do you support that do NOT involve giving money?

·        How much of your giving beyond the congregation supports local projects and how much supports PCUSA projects?

·        Of all the projects you support financially – both local projects and through the PCUSA – with how many do you have a personal and spiritual connection?

·        Do you perceive in your congregation now any difference in the level of commitment to our Presbytery and the level of commitment to the General Assembly?

·        Presbyterian World Mission has focused their work into three critical initiatives: Evangelism, Global Poverty and Reconciliation. Which of these areas would be most important for your congregation? Into which area do your mission projects fit?