Monday, March 28, 2016

A Call to Prayer from Pakistan

Many members and congregations in our Presbytery are connected with the Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan and know their remarkable spiritual leader Veeda Javaid. Now, sadly, in response to the recent, horrific terrorist attack this call to pray comes to us. Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan and for everyone touched by this evil. Please pray for peace in the name of our Risen Lord!

A special message from Veda Gill, Executive Director, Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan

March 28, 2016

Dear Friends,

March 27, 2016 was a day of celebration for Christians in Pakistan. We were celebrating the Resurrection Day and also celebrating that it was a peaceful day for Christians. We celebrated Easter with a Sunrise Service and then a worship service at 10:30 AM .The churches were all jam packed. The State provided us with police security. We were all so thankful to God for His safety...until it was 6.30 PM.

My family and I were at our home when this tragedy occurred. Our house was packed with my husband’s 4 sisters, their husbands, and some of their children who had come from America to attend a wedding when we heard a big blast. This blast was only a 5-minute walk from our place. This is the place where Javaid and I usually go for a walk whenever time permits us. This is the place where I took my granddaughter every other day when they were in Pakistan for Christmas. This park attracts children because it has many different kinds of swings as well as many varieties of birds and animals. This is the park where poor Christians and Muslims come to celebrate as many rides are free. On Easter and Christmas we see a lot of Christians there.

The blast injured nearly 300 young parents and killed 72 young parents and children who were there for the joy of the rides. The lush green park was all covered with blood and dust.                  

A Pakistan Taliban splinter group (by telephone from an undisclosed location) claimed responsibility for this deadly suicide attack, saying, "We carried out this Lahore attack as Christians are our target." Punjab Chief Minister announced three days of mourning.

This is a difficult time for us all. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters have lost their near and dear ones. A Christian family came with 5 children and three died in the blast. My immediate family is safe but this incident has really shaken us. We strongly believe that there is a day to die. We are not going to die of fear every day. Life goes on with HOPE, TRUST, AND FAITH IN THE LORD.

Please pray for Pakistan and also for Christians in Pakistan.